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My company has recently switched to Service Titan, and I'm trying to get a better understanding of how an estimate for a part we do not stock should be flipped into a purchase order, and then converted to a booking.

We have tried two different ways, but it doesn't seem that either are correct. 

On an estimate, in order to avoid showing the labor, commission, job length, etc, we were told to do an item group, then add everything underneath it. 

1st attempt was to create the estimate, then initiate the booking, stop after the information is entered into the booking, and create the PO, add the PO to the booking, and then schedule the call under our purchasing department until the PO is received, and have our service department schedule said call with the customer.

2nd attempt(suggested by our ST rep) was to create the estimate under the item group, add the special order items as material and then initiate a requisition, go to purchase orders, change the information to the correct vendor, where we need to pick it up, adding the pricing, ship to/pick up location. When we receive the PO tied to the requisition, we are going back to the estimate, selecting all the line items on the estimate and the initiating the booking from there, re typing everything into the job summary and having the service department schedule the call from there.

Both of these seem like a lot more work than we're used to, so I'm hoping to get some feedback on how to simplify this process and to see how other companies go about this.


Thank you, in advance.


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

There's a few ways to do this and they would stem partially from how you know you need the part. Assuming the scenario is the a tech is on a job says we need to return with a say blower motor, the tech sells an estimate for the blower motor and selects do work later (because you need to order it), the office goes into the estimate  and check the box to move the blower motor to a job and at the top hits book new job, we book these jobs with a job type of Parts Needed, we put that job on hold and make a PO on the job. When the PO is received we change the job type to "Replace Parts" and schedule with the homeowner. 

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