Multiple estimates sent- customer approves... which one?

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It has become a huge headache when sending multiple estimates out to customer and they reply "I approve" but you don't know which one they're approving. It's great that there's a button that will email all estimates but we do not know which one customer is refering to, there needs to be a way the customer can choose one and the office will be notified on their selection. 




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We also do multiple estimate totals, so we include the Estimate Number and the Estimate Total in our email template so if they "reply" instead of approving it through the link, the body has the information we need to see which one is approved. 



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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

The best way for these ones is to have the emailed link where they can sign the one they would like and that gets sent back as an alert (make sure you set the alert!).

Another option would be to edit your blurb in the email to say something along the lines of "If you would like to proceed with one of these estimates, please respond to this email with the estimate number of the one you would like to move forward with".

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