Adding optional items to estimates

I contacted support by text today to find out how to add an Optional line item to an estimate. I was told there was not a way to add an optional item that would not be included in the estimate total until the client check marked it as approved. This ...

RichatKHM by New Contributor
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Combine Multiple Estimates

I would love the option to combine estimates. My guys like to give multiple estimates for issues the clients are having. There have been many times the client decides to go with multiple estimates and it creates issues. I have to then go and combine ...

Estimate to purchase order, to booking job

Good morning, My company has recently switched to Service Titan, and I'm trying to get a better understanding of how an estimate for a part we do not stock should be flipped into a purchase order, and then converted to a booking.We have tried two dif...

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Looking to see where to find out the statuses on Estimates..... (EX: see attached below)


Clone Opportunity

Hi,Looking for some suggestions on the best way to setup this process.We see a lot of clients looking to book the same service as the previous year. We want to duplicate last year's opportunity (not estimates in last year's opportunity) to keep our d...

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Any Other Costco/ServiceTitan Users?

Hi Everyone,I am reaching out to see if there are any other ServiceTitan users that sells HVAC Installations through Costco and would like to learn of their proposal / work order process. Many HVAC companies use the software, PricebookPlus, to propos...

NQ by New Contributor II
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Buddy checks

When you are scheduling a buddy check job for a sales guy to show up on a service techs job, are you considering those to be a opportunity or not?

Sold Estimate showing follow up

I have a technician that has follow ups populating for Opportunities that have sold estimate that was completed the same day. It doesn't seem like any other technicians are encountering this. They also show up on my Follow Up/ Unsold estimates. When ...

michaelh by New Contributor
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Separating Estimates from one opportunity

At the office level, our service estimator created multiple estimates for one opportunity. The estimates are the same, but for different lot numbers in a mobile home park, so same bill to, but different location. I want to create separate projects fo...

Cari_B by New Contributor
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