Separating Estimates from one opportunity

At the office level, our service estimator created multiple estimates for one opportunity. The estimates are the same, but for different lot numbers in a mobile home park, so same bill to, but different location. I want to create separate projects fo...

Cari_B by New Contributor
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Two estimates for one job

Looking for the best way to handle two estimates for one job. There is no way that i know of that you can merge the two estimates together for one job. We have to make two separate estimates for some of our financing options. It would be great if Ser...

premster by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Duplicating Estimates

We seem to be having an intermittent issue when we duplicate an estimate...the data that gets entered disappears. Is anyone else having this issue?

MirandaMel by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Adding Quotes to existing jobs

Why Service Titan do you have to my my life hell? I should be able to add an estimate to a job made from that job.

Jed by New Contributor
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Converting estimates to bookings

Are we the only ones that don't like that if we accept and book from an estimate this automatically creates a "project" even though we only use projects for system replacements. We would like it to allow us to create a "job" when it is only an estima...

jentron by New Contributor II
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Access to Forms and pictures from the estimate page

Suggestion- It would be nice when yo create a project book a job and the job is to gather info for the estimate that while on the estimate you could access the pic's and a form id applicable. It's a pain to have to back out go to either the job or th...

Papa by New Contributor
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Estimate enhancements

I would like to suggest two improvements to the estimate process:1. Make the estimate generation date able to be adjusted to print out the most recent date. If you have a 30 day pricing limit, OFTEN people change their minds on what they want, and th...

Allowing Dynamic Pricing to Use Cache Data if no service is available

Hi Everyone, Just posted an idea and would love to see some upvotes. We have really embraced dynamic pricing for almost everything we do as a company, the ability to make sure your field...

jsoch by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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