Estimating Larger Jobs

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We are new customer of ST and we are still in process of going live with full integration. I am the sales manager for a premier door services company. As the sales manager I am putting the processes in place for my sales team to best use the estimates to their fullest capabilities. I have hit a roadblock when trying to build an estimate with multiple sections and getting sub-totals. For instance, in our industry, many of our customers require a price of the work broken down by Opening. ( office 1, office 2, office 3 ect... ) Normally we would have all openings on a single estimate with a subtotal after each and then a total at the end. 

So, my question is is there a way to perform this type of estimate in ST? If so, can you explain?  I am hoping that someone in this community has had this same issue and can provide me with guidance.  Other than this, I have been really impressed with the other functions of ST. 

Thanks in Advance!!



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Ive reviewed the academy courses, thank you btw, but I am still not finding what I'm looking for. I'll keep searching and will be hoping for a working solution from ST.  Hope your getting what you need on your ST journey.



Hello!  Still in the learning process this end too, but I would be remiss not to mention some helpful Academy courses.  They may provide a little more help.  I'm in plumbing so our estimates are a big different but maybe it will help 🙂

Academy Estimate Courses 

Hope this helps, and good luck!

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