Escalating Opportunities in the Follow up Flag

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Is there a way for CSR's to mark/annotate or escalate opportunities to management easily and effectively?  The opportunities are basically in one big "pot" and we prefer to have a best practice where only management is allowed to DISMISS opportunities.  When the CSR makes either the last effort to close the transaction and the customer is either non-responsive after numerous attempts or they specifically state they are not interested, how can the CSR mark or flag the Opportunity for management to review and dismiss without either calling out in the office, sending an email, or interrupting meetings/calls for management to review.  Basically, how can individual Opportunities be escalated for management only to ultimately dismiss?  


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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Task Management could be useful here...the CSR can create the task and then when management has the time, they can go in and close them. 

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I believe this hasn't been implemented yet and to dismiss the opportunities CSRs still need to call/email the management if this is the preferable way to get opportunities dismissed. 

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