Exciting Integrated Financing Updates!

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Our latest updates are bringing an extra level of ease and flexibility to your finance offerings. You can now activate more than one of our integrated finance providers, allowing you to offer homeowners multiple financing options on the same job, and you can integrate your existing rate cards. The best part? There are NO additional costs.

There are powerful integrated financing features today to help unlock your business growth:

  • Use custom rules to control which plans your technicians can offer and when, eliminating the need for those early morning meetings of reviewing which finance offers will help you meet your business goals.
  • Introduce and highlight “as low as” monthly payments to help technicians effectively use financing as a tool to sell and for homeowners to visually see what monthly price will work best for their budget.
  • Email estimates with an embedded “apply now” financing button to your customers, allowing them to apply online, anytime and get instantly approved. 

Best Practice Tip:

By implementing best practices of good, better, and best estimate options presented with financing, technicians close the most expensive option 32% of the time.*

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This is just the beginning of all of the exciting enhancements with integrated financing. We’re excited to give you a peek at what’s coming soon!

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*Based on customer samples; your estimates may differ.