My tech sent an esign to his customer, the customer states he did sign it but we can't find the proof that he did, where would that be found?

espencer1 by New Contributor
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Options not included on estimates

Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to add "Options not included" to an estimate? When we created our inhouse estimate we have a list at the bottom of the estimate for "Options not included" ie- additional return air install, duct sealing and duct ...

jsugamele by New Contributor
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Estimate reminders

Has anyone else been having problems with the technicians not being able to use the calendar to select a day and time for estimate reminders? Everything seems to be work but the reminder is not set.

kobella_ by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Any Other Costco/ServiceTitan Users?

Hi Everyone,I am reaching out to see if there are any other ServiceTitan users that sells HVAC Installations through Costco and would like to learn of their proposal / work order process. Many HVAC companies use the software, PricebookPlus, to propos...

NQ by New Contributor II
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I am needing to figure out how my tech's can create an estimate (On Mobile) for a customer after the job has been completed. Can anybody Help?

New Idea to Vote on!

Hey Community Friends! I just posted a new idea that I would like to get votes on! Thanks!Ability to Access Estimates from Mobile without Re-Dispatching

Miranda by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Exciting Integrated Financing Updates!

Our latest updates are bringing an extra level of ease and flexibility to your finance offerings. You can now activate more than one of our integrated finance providers, allowing you to offer homeowners multiple financing options on the same job, and...

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Financing Integration

Hey all!Is there anyway to integrate our own financing options into ServiceTitan, or can we only use ServiceTitan approved finance options.We personally use Enerbank, and would love to be able to present our estimate with the proper monthly payments ...

ZMR-TBHVAC by New Contributor III
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Technicians using their mobile dashboard

Recently had a technician create an estimate for a job that was 2 days away........Said he accessed it through the mobile dashboard and just hit the wrong day...and wrong job?? Permission options don't seem to address this so wondering if theres some...

Dave by Contributor
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