Sold Estimate showing follow up

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I have a technician that has follow ups populating for Opportunities that have sold estimate that was completed the same day.  It doesn't seem like any other technicians are encountering this.  They also show up on my Follow Up/ Unsold estimates.  When I click on them it shows the estimate as sold.  Not sure why this is happening and any help would be appreciated. 



ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Make sure that after he sells the estimate he is selecting YES, perform work now. That will pull the estimate into the invoice and will disappear from the Follow up "Sold estimates"


** Some of my techs had issues on the next step, if for some reason a task is already on the invoice. The system after selling the estimate would ask . Do you wan to replace items on the invoice or keep, they need to say keep.

I think your tech maybe deleting the sold estimate from the invoice by accident? 

I would definitely go over his workflow to check what step he is missing