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Hi!! We are looking for insight on how others split the roles of CSR/Dispatcher.

We are an HVAC / Plumbing / Remodeling Company. Looking for ideas / thoughts on having one person as CSR/Dispatcher for HVAC and another for Plumbing, or having one person as a CSR and one person as dispatcher for both HVAC and Plumbing? 

Background: We have 2 people in the office on phones; 2 plumbing trucks, and 4 HVAC trucks-- please include in your response how many trucks / staff your company has. 🙂


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We have them separated.  We currently have 10 CSRs and 4 Dispatchers.

ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi! I've previously done both roles, trained people for these positions and now I get to work with clients who are ServiceTitan users.
I'm a big fan of the roles being separated. CSRs should be focused on booking the jobs. DSRs focus on getting right tech to the right job. Dispatchers need to be analytical, looking at routing, skills, and opportunities. Truly, a good CSR will make a DSRs job difficult. They have 2 different sets of focus and KPIs! 

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Hi @Arieckert and thanks for your post!

Let's see if one of our experts @DaylaPCG has insight on how to split the roles of CSR/Dispatcher.