Editing Notes and Date Changes

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Hi all,

I wanted to flag an issue that has come up in our office with taking and editing notes. There are times in the Job history that we need to edit notes but still want the original date of the note reflected. There is an auto time/date stamp for all notes, but it's replaced with the current date if I edit the note. Example - if I make a note on 2/1/23 in the job screen, then I want to edit that note on 2/6, the note now says I wrote that note on 2/6. The only workaround is to type the date in. I've attached an example. It feels clunky and I'd like to see that fixed somehow. Let me know if there is a different workaround or if I'm missing something? 




Alexis F

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Hello @AlexisFerreri,

Currently when pinning or unpinning, the date changes to the date when you pin/unpin. You can post the idea about keeping original note dates at https://community.servicetitan.com/t5/Ideas/bd-p/ideas and other users will be able to vote for it to be implemented in future releases.

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Would love 'date added' and 'last edited' timestamps, especially if you could choose which to use for sorting