Looking for a way to track customers by month for yearly service

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I tried searching and couldn't quite find what I'm looking for. One of our services requires a yearly maintenance, I am looking for the most efficient way to be able to run a report at the beginning of the month to show which customers are due for service as their last one was during this month the year prior. As we offer so many different services with this product line as well as many other products, I want it to be able to be specific enough to differentiate between this annual service and other possible jobs with the same equipment. Just trying to find the best way to do this based on report parameters and possible location tags/recurring service. These customers are not in any sort of membership either. Sorry if this is confusing but I appreciate any possible help! Thank You 


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I recently set up our customers as a recurring service and set the month for their annual or semi-annual service.  The names show on the top of the schedule board and it allows me to click on and takes me to the screen to call, set appt or dismiss.

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

We Use a Tag for our Annual Generator Maintenance which is not part of a membership -- We tag the job if they have a maint to create a reminder the following year and/or the equipment if we sold and no maint job available to tag.

Heres our CSR Instructions if helpful

Install – tagging new generators for report purposes


Whenever we install a generator, CSR will tag the equipment itself with the purple “Generator Maint” tag, so when a report is run for reminders these will pull up as well as actual service jobs.





Running Reports For Reminders


Tags will populate from two places – service jobs that have already been completed and the customer’s equipment if it is a generator we installed. At the start of each month, run a tag search report under BOTH the Equipment and Jobs tabs as follows:









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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Try this - In the reports, "customer by service". 

You can set the date range to last year, set the business units to what you're trying to find, and edit the columns.

I think this will be what you're looking for.