Bulk edit customer account data

When we imported our customer database from our previous program into Service Titan hundreds of accounts came in with data formatted for the old program that Service Titan is not recognizing. I need to be able to deactivate accounts in bulk so I figu...

seemore by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Proofreading & Editing Customer Names

Any tips for proofreading and editing customer names? My current system is search "4" in the zip code,because all customers' zip code starts with a 4,and go through each page one by one of the search results.Weird thing is, search results display cus...

JenL by New Contributor
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PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make see all notes option for the new version. I know that not every company wants to see all the notes, but my company relies heavily on notes especially while on the phone with customers. There is no room for error or delay w...

MollyB by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Lead generation turnover.

I figured instead of reinventing the wheel and spending countless hours creating a solution for something I would come here first.We are wanting to form a best practice for the following situation utilizing what Service Titan has to offer internally....

tekkrack by New Contributor III
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Adding reminders

I think it would be nice to be able to add reminders to our daily calendars or a reminder list that shows up on our dashboard. Is this something that can possibly be added to simplify our daily tasks?

Resolved! Bulk Email

Is there a way to send a e-card to customers in bulk? We want to send Email Christmas cards.

Jeni by New Contributor
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Is there a bug with Addresses?

I have noticed today that any new address I enter is not found and I have to end up entering it manually. Anyone else noticed this?

Miranda by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Is there a way to let the office know an invoice needs to be billed out for special billing or to let the office know the customer wants a printed copy of the invoice mailed out.

Team Training

Greetings! Our company just implemented Service Titan last week and welcomed a new receptionist onboard. We're currently looking to assess the progress of their training, but we're unsure about accessing this information post the go-live phase. Any g...