Payment Terms Field Update Issue: Look at your Invoices!

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Recently, there was an update regarding the Payment Terms Field on the Customer Pages. While having payment terms listed on Invoices, along with Due Dates, can be good, there are many of our Customers that this does not apply too. There is no way to make a Custom Edit for a Payment Term that does not carry either a date or due upon receipt. On top of this, there is no way to opt out. This is a recurring issue that I have found with Service Titan. Our industry of Water Treatment is different than how some other industries operate. Many things like payment terms would work better if there was an opt out feature. 

However, the most frustrating aspect of this most recent update is the face that our selection for default payment terms was not carried over to the accounts. We were a conversion company. So when our customers were carried over, payment terms was not needed or added to any of the accounts due to being converted. 

I have added screenshot images of this issue to show what I mean. 

Customer Page Payment Term.jpgpayment term 2.jpgpayment term.jpg

I am now having to go through, by hand, every single account to add payment terms since this update will not add the default we have selected. Incredibly frustrating, time consuming, and just utterly ridiculous. I now have to hand update thousands of accounts.

Payment terms is a standard small business practice. Every business is different. Some have net payments of 10 days. Others Due Upon Receipt. And some are net 30. One of the current issues with this change was due to the fact that our default customer setting was not followed for our previously made accounts. We also would not have even seen this if not for an observant member of our office. The ONLY way to see it is either in the Customers account or by printing off the Invoice. So we could have sent numerous Invoices with incorrect payment details out to customers. Not alerting customers to this change affects a business' cash flow and the relationships with their customers. It is incredibly frustrating that this change was made without notifying us in anyway! 

Hopefully others were able to see this change prior to having invoices sent out.


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We caught this Friday. We went in and made a new NET30 payment term, deactivated the "Due Upon Receipt" payment term they came up with, and any jobs that were in there that day, we had to go in and manually change, however; any jobs they scheduled after that, fingers crossed, should be the NET30 terms. Granted we should be able to deactivate all payment terms if we do not want them shown. It is very frustrating to come in early in the morning and get surprised by random updates.

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I will send you a private email in regard to the progress being made on this feature. Thank you.

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Thank you for looking into it. I will look forward to your email.

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I agree. If this would have been mentioned in the ST-Notes we would have contacted our CSM or even looked into it. Now, there are few options for this issue.