Payment Terms Field Update Issue: Look at your Invoices!

Recently, there was an update regarding the Payment Terms Field on the Customer Pages. While having payment terms listed on Invoices, along with Due Dates, can be good, there are many of our Customers that this does not apply too. There is no way to ...

Customer Page Payment Term.jpg payment term 2.jpg payment term.jpg
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Support Idea - Grouping Cases an idea I had as when we are experiencing issues, many companies reach out to facebook or here on community to see if others are experiencing the same. It would be wonderfully transp...

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E-Sign Invoices From Offices

We know how to send an e-sign for estimates but how do you set up e-sign for invoice signatures. Some time we have technicians perform larger work and homeowner/customer not on site for signatures. We have e-sign set up for estimates and are looking ...

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Resolved! Ability to Move Column Headings w/new update

It would be really nice to be able to move the column headings for different things on the new location/customer screens. For example, on the Equipment area - We can't see our tags or memos or warranty information without having to scroll the bar ove...

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Dark Mode

Hey Everyone, does anyone know if you can change the theme in Aspire to Dark Mode?

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Employees Phone numbers Column

In the employees section under the people settings, it would be incredibly helpful to have the phone number column like how it is for the techs. Or the option to modify the columns in that section. OR, it would be great if there was an easy way for a...

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Resolved! Unmanaging a Technician

What steps need to be taken in order to Deactivate or move a Tech to Unmanaged? I am trying to Deactivate a Tech but I am getting - Error: Cannot deactivate technician as it conflicts with managed-technician rules. I am not sure where to go in order ...

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