ServiceTitan’s Customer & Location pages have a new look!

Former Titan

We’ve revamped the Customer & Location pages in ServiceTitan to help you find the exact information you need faster. 

With the redesign, you’ll see improvements such as:

  • A navigation sidebar, so you can quickly jump to the section you want
  • Filter/sort options to help you drill down to relevant data
  • Action buttons for most sections, so completing simple tasks is easier
  • Pagination to help you avoid endless sifting through records

Navigate the new changes with ease by checking out the starter guide, where you’ll find helpful information along with screenshots to guide you along the way. This change is part of the ST-64 release and will finish rolling out to everyone within the next week, so if you haven't seen it in your account yet, hang tight! 






New Contributor

So far, the only issue I have is with the payment methods - we had just receently been given the option to see history to see when and who added a payment method which was very helpful with our many monthly plan members.  Now, to see that information you have to go back to the old design - Please give us that feature on the new design!!  Otherwise I really like the new design  - just took time to adjust

New Contributor III


Items the need to be addressed in the tables (from my point of view)

  • Customize the order of the display columns
  • Customize the display columns so users can see the columns they need, not the ones they don't.
  • Be able to customize and save the width of each column (this needs to be on the PriceBook tables, too!)
  • Remove the default GroupBy from the tables
  • Add the ability to customize default GroupBys per user (user can select their own GroupBy default for each table, or not have one if they choose)
  • Make all columns able to be grouped (examples: Appointments table cannot group by Technician, Estimate table cannot be grouped by Estimate Name)

Valued Contributor

I think what I do not like most, being AR, is that the invoices and payments are not shown together. You have to open them up to see the payment on there quickly. I do like that the notes are not all the way down the screen if there are a lot. Meaning there are 5 and then go to the next set. Takes up a lot less screen room. And I like how you can "Search" for something in the notes. I do like that the locations are towards the top now and that there are more there and you can scroll through them to see them. I like the arrow at the bottom so you can just click it to get back to the top instead of having to scroll all the way back up. What would be great is if each of us could set up these customer and location screens as we see fit. Make the sections re-arrangeable. Not sure how that would really work, but just a thought.

New Contributor

Its horrible, the other one was more user friendly and easier, please change it back. 

New Contributor III

Absolutory love the new layout! The updated table sections are game changing to use. No more having to click a billion times to search old jobs or estimates. A simple filter and sort and the info is there.

Keep up the great work, ST!

New Contributor III

We are extremely unhappy with the new layout design for both the Customer Page and the Location Page. While there are many great things about Service Titan, it feels as though random aesthetic changes that no one requested are being implemented instead of the numerous other modules that could be improved.

This new layout design actually makes things more difficult. For the Location Page, to have the notes, jobs, invoices, recurring, and equipment sectioned off in the report style crunches the text together and prohibits quick glancing at reports. We are used to clicking in and out of jobs at quick pacing and being able to see equipment without having to scroll or only using a single tab. This I not even covering the atrocious viewing of the Recurring Services.

This update in design makes not only the workflow less efficient but it also creates the opportunity for more errors. While having the design more organized can be understood, the older format allowed for freedom of movement. The multiple report sections creates for a jumpy page, the side panel does not help in navigation, and attempting to switch back and forth between linked Location and Customer Pages is exceedingly difficult. In fact, it is just plain horrible.


For the Customer page, the design creates a much more difficult workflow. When we are trying to assist with customers, having everything in a more open display creates for easy customer communication. It also allows for multiple people within the office to view the same items or search an account quickly. The report like sections limit the view, cut off information, make it extremely difficult to access the linked Location Page, and creates a general distortion of the page’s information.

I understand the reasoning behind the design shift. I understand thinking that the ability to filter information would be preferred. However, this is not the way to do it. It does not increase out success, our workflow, or assist our customers. I appreciate being able to switch back to the old design. The same can be said for the new design flow of the Search Page. While the thought it appreciated, we would much prefer the larger issues of Mapping having a limited view, Inventory Details showing incorrectly, limitations in Reports, and other bugs we have been requesting for years be fixed before more aesthetics are changed. And when they are changed, perhaps end users from ALL fields of business should be consulted prior to their implementation. For those who rely more on the Desktop version, these changes are vastly underwhelming and difficult to work with. For now, we will be happily using the old design and hoping that the new one will not become a permanent feature.