Next environment being glitchy?

Anyone besides me having an issue with the Next environment being glitchy? I am trying to record some processes and it is giving me a bit of grief.

MirandaMel by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Update is cumbersome

The latest update is cumbersome for our office staff. It takes more clicks to verify valid phone numbers or email addresses on accounts, where as previously we could see those things at a glance. Very inefficient for busy days.Ideas?

dayphc_g by New Contributor II
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Outbound Call Reports

Hello, I am new to the service titan and trade industry! I work for a growing plumbing company, and I am wondering what reports are you guys running to do outbound calls? How often do you call the same customer? We recently called quite a few custome...

Ashrum98 by New Contributor II
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New Idea! Needs Votes!

Please vote! We would like to be able to turn off Member Savings in settings instead of going into each customer and turning it off. Don't Show Member Savings

Miranda by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Chat time response Report

Does anyone know how to pull a report with the average response time on chats? I know it's a feature in Titan Advisor, but I'd love to have a scheduled report so the CSR can see it on a daily basis and make it a goal to lower that number. Thanks all!

Resolved! Changing a customers billing location

I have one customer who became our customer in April of 2022 at location A. This year she bought location B and still owes A. She now lives in B and her daughter lives in A. She wants B to be the billing location. How do I change her account so that ...

HHertziger by New Contributor II
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Roofers Wanted

Hello! My company is 1 By 1 Roof, Solar, & Paint. I would love to talk/connect with any other roofing companies. How are you using Service Titan?

Water specialist mentor

Hello, we are located in the Myrtle Beach area of South Carolina and we are thinking of starting a separate water division. We are looking for a mentor in water testing and filtration somewhat close to but not in Myrtle Beach area but not limited to ...

KValley by New Contributor
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Grouping common tasks and adding to project

Howdy! Our install projects have a consistent list of tasks that the coordinator needs to perform and it would be helpful to add them all at once instead of each task/subtask individually. It's a rather long list of tasks and I don't mind taking the ...

nj1stcho by New Contributor
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