And the winner for the Tradesmen 2023 Contest goes to..

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@dmbueno 👏

Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry. Every single one of your stories really warmed our hearts to read. You all did so well sharing your inspiring stories and in the end, everyone is a winner here! But we can only give out so many 🍩 donuts 🍩 right? 😓  

If you haven’t read all the stories, I encourage you to do so here. 

Dawn’s entry: 

I would like to take a moment show appreciation and gratitude to Garrett Buzzard ( @Gbuzz ). Garrett started with Bowman's Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning & Electrical Inc back in 2002. I wasn't here and didn't know him then, but I know that he started low on the totem pole as a helper. He worked his way up to learn all the positions in the field and the equipment and always strived to learn more and better himself. He left Bowman's for a bit due to personal reasons. I started here in 2015 and Garrett returned in 2016. He pick up where he left off in the field. I could turn to him for anything and everything. He would take a crappy jobs that no one else wanted or the jobs that didn't pay the best commission to make sure that all our customers were taken care of. He would come in early...or work late into the evening. If he didn't have something, he would sit in my office and offer to help file paperwork or help with office cleaning to help take some of my work load off me and incase the phone rang, he could just go straight there. He never complained or turned it down. Due to family matters, he unfortunately had to leave again. We stayed in touch and with personal matter and life happening we grew closer. Our general manager quit and I was able to convince Garrett that the third time would be the charm...and he came back to Bowman's again. (Each time...the owner's wanting him never left on bad terms!). But this time...Garrett is not in the field, he is behind a desk with a computer and tablet. The computer world is completely new to him and he has hit the ground running. He wanted to come to Pantheon with me to learn what he could (I think he was overwhelmed back came back with as many ideas as I had!). He is registering for his ServiceTitan Administrative Certification and wants me to teach him. He wants to know how to do his job, the techs and sales jobs and mine incase I am ever out of the office. 

He is a somewhat single father of twin boys...commutes an hour 1 willing to work and learn and do better and help every day! He doesn't let personal matter effects his job or work. He is inspirational and makes me want to be better. He is my best friend and I love him dearly! 

He doesn't need donuts...I doubt would turn them down...but sometimes I think he forgets that he is awesome and everyone here appreciates his hard work and efforts!

We have yet another BIG contest in the making so be ready for that one! 

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@dmbueno Congratulations!! 

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Congratulations @dmbueno and @Gbuzz !

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Shout out to @Gbuzz! What a phenomenal testament to your hard work and dedication. Thank you for all you do!

And thank you to @dmbueno for taking time to recognize Garrett!