My idea of a petition! Vote to keep community!!COMMUNITY-I-7274

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How is this happening?? Can we start a petition?? What customers did you wasn't me or probably the other 31207 members of Community!! I don't like getting on Facebook while I'm at work because I end up going down a rabbit hole of watching...

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Very sad to see the community being sunset...

I was very sad to see that the community will be sunset in the fall. I have found this a way more positive platform that Masterminds and significantly more personable. I am happy to see that ST will be working to make Masterminds a more positive area...

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Emailing Forms & Invoices

Is there a setting we can change to include attaching invoices when we email a form to a customer? We can send the form when we send invoices, just not vice-versa. Thanks!

Pantheon scheduling

I will be attending Pantheon for the first time this fall and am curious when the schedule will be announced with the different sessions we can attend? I am also wondering when they will announce who is the performer for the concert? I'd love to know...

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Need help with PRO products?

Anyone using a Pro Product and feel like you're not using it to the fullest? I'm officially inviting you to come to my home state of Utah to the "Powering Up with Pro" Toolbox Live Event in Salt Lake City, on July 17-18! If you use any pro products, ...

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Resolved! Avatar ST Certified admin badge

I have noticed that other ST certified admins have a badge next to their name/avatar in their profile. I have completed my exam about 3 weeks ago. Is this something ST would automatically update or am I missing a step. Thank you in advanced.

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Customer Statements

What size window envelopes can be used to mail out customer statement since remit address on top right corner?

Email Attachment Tracking - please vote!!!

How many times do you get a customer that says "you never sent me an email" when you did? It's great Service Titan is able to keep track of emails sent though the software and the exact time the customer opened it! It is such an awesome feature.Howev...

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