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Hi All, I am in need of some help. We are trying to set up our upcharge for materials and are supposed to go into Dynamic Pricing, but we don't have that option in our pricebook. Can someone guide me to where I am supposed to go? I have the guide pulled up to walk me through it, but it isn't on our page at all. Below is all that we see:


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Hello Sarah, I do not believe you can add dynamic pricing rules to pricebook items only to service items. That being said you do need the pricing builder activated on the backend by ST. One thing our company has done is duplicate some of our material items as services and then link the service item to the material item so it still pulls then inventory than when you go to bill it out you just have to make sure that you are only charging for the service item not the material so just turn the toggle to off. You could probably also build a rate sheet that increases the prices of certain items but you would need to apply that rate sheet to each customer profile that you want to charge the increased rate. Anyway hope that helps and hope my advice is all correct.

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

You might need to reach out to support on this one as the Pricing Builder should be in between Categories and Templates.  

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