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Why can the office side not send financing options to clients? Some of our estimates can be tens of thousands of dollars, and people need time to think it over. The tech cannot come back later just so they can stare at his ipad. 

We almost lost a big piece of business today because the tech had already left, they decided afterwards to finance, and I wasn't able to send them options. 

The customer doesn't understand, I don't understand. This needs to be fixed or it is going to cost us sales. 


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I can check in the morning, but I am sure the finance company supplied us with the link to apply to it. You can check it out...

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We have a link on our website, but it only has 2 options. They can go to it and apply after we leave or before we even come out to be prepared.

How do you do that? I would love to be able to offer this.