Deposits on Financing Job

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Hey ST Group - we had a concern come up during our managers meeting where we find ourselves in a pickle where a customer canceled a job they are financing, and provided no "like cash" deposit. This typically happens when a job is scheduled out. It's not happening alot, but the issue is there. Material is ordered, time is spent on the job, and we have them held on our board.

We arent able to have customer provide deposit with the financial institution and they dont like to provide a card after the fact (which we fight via T&C's.)

What are some practices you've seen that's working?


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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Is it possible to collect and hold a deposit from the customer when securing an install date for them and then return it once financing is also secured and/or the job started? 

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Hi @Mcaulder - I can definitely understand why this might be a "pickle". @Rachel_Young have you come across this working with other ServiceTitan shops?