High Abandon Rate - Unexplained in Service Titan

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We are experiencing a high abandon rate in our Service Titan Dashboard.

The problem is that we are not actually missing calls, the Green Bubble Populates and disappears a lot of the times instantaneously. Our team has an ASA of 8-10 Seconds, but it seems that most of the abandoned calls that are coming in are less then 8 seconds and a lot of them even being as short as 0 seconds. I understand that there is a way to go in and reclassify to show calls as spam or Bot, but it never seems to slow down. I have tried blocking certain numbers, especially when I see a high volume from 1 caller, but it doesn't ever seem to help. It has gotten so bad that on some days it accounts for 30% of our total calls (We receive about 300 average calls per day).

Does anyone have some insight into why this is happening? and how we can go about fixing this? 

Its also important to note that a lot of the times when we call the customers back that "Abandoned" they claim to not have called us at all. (often these are existing customers)

We use Five9 as a phone system, FYI.


ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @BronsonBelRed 

It sounds like you're encountering "call spoofing." Essentially, some people have found ways to make calls appear as if they're coming from different numbers, including those of genuine folks. This explains why when you call back, your genuine customers are often surprised. I'm by no means a tech guru, but from my understanding, these spoofers use automated systems, making it hard to catch them by just blocking numbers. With your Five9 system, it might be worth checking if they have any specific features to combat this.

Fortunately, ServiceTitan will not consider any abandoned calls under 60 seconds to be legitimate leads. So you only have to worry about cleaning up the leads tab of the abandoned scorecard. All the other calls not long enough to be considered a lead aren't counting against your booking rate so I would only skim them for anything that maybe did get booked. 

Another thing you could try is having a call greeting require callers to push a button in order to get through, but I see a lot of companies not favor that. 

Hopefully that sheds some light!

Hope this sheds some light on the situation!

Warm regards

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Following this thread as well, as we've been looking at new phone systems that integrate will with Enterprise Hub (and Centralized Contact Center) and Five9 was the top contender. Unfortunately, and to our big disappointment, it doesn't look like there's an official integration at all: https://www.five9.com/products/capabilities/crm

ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @BronsonBelRed and thanks so much for bringing this topic to our attention!

I'm going to tag one of our Leads/Phones experts @Rachel_Young to understand why this is happening and what's the best practice. Thanks for all you do for the Community, Rachel😊