Call Experience That Performs! Back 2 Basics Webinar on March 21st

In these times of lower call volume, we have noticed that the most successful contractors are focusing on the basics. So we are doing a series of webinars that help contractors go “Back 2 Basics.”Next week, Brittany Brewer and I will be doing a FREE ...

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Canadian users - network with us! 🦫 🫎 🍁

Are you a Canadian ST user? If so, we want to see you in our Canadian User Group! Please head over to join us there! We would love to meet you and have you join in our conversations and discussions! The more, the merrier!

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Vote for the Old version of Service Titan

We are in need of getting more requests from this community in voting for the old version of Service Titan. I have requested numerous times to the customer success manager to please leave the old version open for us to use and they always say that we...

angie123 by New Contributor
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"Recent Update"

Please tell me our company is not the only one that absolutely LOATHES the updated version of Service Titan. I have used this platform for about 8 years, and genuinely knew it like the back of my hand, which made it possible to do my job as well as I...

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Lead Flips Workflow

Does anyone have a best practice in terms of how we should book jobs in order to accurately track leads flipped. If we want to emphasize and incentive our team to increase the amount of jobs flipped to our install crews we need to accurately access h...

LucasE by New Contributor
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3rd party who checks your phone numbers and phone lines

Does anyone use a 3rd party vendor to check their phone lines on a weekly/monthly basis? We are looking for a company that can check them for us. I would like to get data on all 250 phone numbers of ours like:Does it connectTime to connectTime to ans...

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I wanted to drop in and whish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! I'm burning the last of my PTO and will hopefully not be logging in and working from 12/21-12/28 lol See y'all next year!

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Field employees texting customers

I'm going to preface this with "I know it's possible." There are serious limitations. That said, here's my conundrum. We have Phones Pro. We want to stop issuing company cell phones to techs & sales people because they can have Phones Pro numbers and...

JessicaSmith by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Completed Revenue Credit on a $0 invoice

How can we get the revenue from a membership job count towards a technicians completed revenue, even though the invoice has a $0 amount? There is an issue with the fact that the techs are not getting credit for a membership call on their revenue numb...

lizb by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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