Material Name instead of Material code on invoices

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Does anyone know how to show the MATERIAL NAME instead of the MATERIAL CODE under tasks on printed invoices? IT is telling me no - is there some type of work around?  (highlighted in yellow is what we want on the invoices that shows up on job invoice summary, before printing) (red is what we don't want that shows up on printed invoice)


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We really need to be able to customize invoices and estimates! I know this has been discussed in the Community and there are several Ideas submitted about it.

The idea of using the material/equipment code to be something we make up is great, but there's a big flaw. Searching by part number in the pricebook does not search the vendor part number fields. So unless you have every code and vendor part number memorized in your pricebook, it's very difficult to update the pricebook.

Really, I think two things need to be done:

1) invoice/estimate customization.

2) better search capabilities in the pricebook.

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YES!!!! There are thousands of parts in the plumbing world and we only have about 500 or so listed in our Price Book.  We end up using MISC or CUST as code with a detailed description of the material, but when they customer and the tech look at the Ipad they only see this MISC or CUST code vs the actual material description.  This makes it VERY hard to collect and get signatures from some customers if they can't fully see what they are signing off on and paying for without having to click into EVERY item to see the details.  THIS IS A TERRIBLE MOBILE FLAW,  Meanwhile we can see it all clear as day on the desktop site. 

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Material names are not shown but your material codes are to avoid your customers being google detectives, deducing your markups, and haggling over each part.  Those codes can be internal to you and not necessarily a specific code from any relevant manufacturer.  I think a good solution here would be more customization on the invoice to suit different needs.

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Shouldn't that be the opposite then? The material name (from every vendor we receive info from) lists the general name of the material. The material code shows the actual code for the material. In order for us to easily upload our vendors material lists and pricing, we go by what they give us - not assign our own codes. 

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We requested this as well (we didn't want the part numbers to display on invoices).  Somehow they managed it through some work around but it made our invoices uglier for some reason.Screenshot (30).png

What did you do to have this change done?  looking to do the same

You can go to Settings>Feature Configurations>Hide Task Codes from mobile and printed invoices

If you don't see Feature Configurations, I believe your success manager can turn that on for you.

Contact your CSM (customer success manager). There is a setting they can toggle to hide the code from the invoices. It is not available for us users to switch.

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Hello! So at the moment we only have a setting for enable task name on printed invoice. But it's totally worth submitting an idea to have the material name enabled as well. 

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