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My first experience working in the trades was at a small family residential re-roofing company. I started as the receptionist and my training (in its entirety) was “sit in that chair and answer that phone”. I did everything I could to learn everything there was and within a year I was moved into customer service and scheduling.  

I spent 5 years with that company before moving on to manage a service department at a large residential new construction and commercial roofing company.  A need for a safety coordinator soon arose and became my responsibility, for reasons I am still unsure of, other than Service, Safety, and Sue starting with s. The experience I gained over 5 years in the safety space came in handy when I eventually transitioned to working in construction technology.  I spent the last 10 years teaching and training the trades (primarily in roofing, HVAC, and electrical) on how to successfully adopt safety software. 

I have come to ServiceTitan as a writer and aim to be your bridge between the trades and technology. More specifically, I will create content for those of you in the commercial and new construction arenas.  

My goal is to provide you with:

  • Feature Spotlights
  • How To’s or Best Practices
  • Case Studies
  • Blogs or Conversation Starters
  • Noteworthy News

All with a focus on the commercial and new construction industries! 

This is very much your space and so I want to hear from you.  Please tell me in the comments what topics you’d like me to cover.  They can be directly related to ServiceTitan or more general to the industry.  I can guarantee you I won't have all the answers but I'm ready to research and promise to deliver more than "sit in that chair and answer that phone". 

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I’m excited to get started and to help shape your experience in this community! 

- Sue Drummond


New Contributor III

This is great, thank you!  Our commercial construction department would certainly benefit from others' knowledge in my opinion.  The department isn't new itself, but we have a younger staff there now.  Understanding the types of construction projects and how that affects business & financial planning is a MUST.  As I think of any "pains" we have, I'll post those.

Great to hear, and yes, please reach out anytime you think of content that would be helpful.