Service in your Name...But not in your support

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You call yourself ServiceTitan, but getting technical support from your company is nearly impossible.  No where could I find a support number to call, you don't have a real direct link to support on your menus, and when I contact my "SUCCESS MANAGER" I'm informed that it might take up to 48 hours.  ServiceTitan's support is as bad as DirectTV and that is saying alot.


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I’m sorry to hear you’re not having a great experience with our support team. The fastest way to get help from an agent is to chat in on our help widget. Once our support team has a clear understanding of your situation, they can steer you in the right direction. Have you tried the new support case management option here in Community that was already recommended? You now have visibility into your cases so you can see the status of each case.

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emailing/ non phone support CSM is to slow for high paced service business where issues compound quickly. we send multiple-invoices a day so if there is an issue this either delays sending one or more invoices. Typically call with support is 15 - 30 mins usually resulting in the agent telling me to email the CSM team. Lots of promises of expediting that never materializes. In many cases I am more aware of software functionality than the support agents. We should be able to get a csm on the phone without having to email. wait a day, then to get a link to schedule for sometime over the next couple of days. given what we pay we should get faster turn around on problem solving. 

It also appears there is an increasing amount of glitches. techs "no longer assigned to jobs while still logged working on them", time sheet conflicts that dont exist, progress billing does not work 50% of the time, duplicated line items that shouldn't be there etc etc etc. Maybe the CSM team is overloaded with long wait times due to software bugs which need to be resolved quickly. 

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On the top right of the screen in Service Titan you will see a question mark.  Clicking there will pull up articles pertaining to the current page you are on as well as an "Ask Support" button. From there you fill out a box indicating your problem.  After that you can request live chat support or a call back.  The call backs generally happen in a timely manner from my experience.Screenshot (25).png

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

If you are on the service titan community you can click "support" you can create a case. 

Screenshot 2022-05-12 121730.png
If you wanted to get a phone number to call you can click the question mark on the ST Dashboard and then click get a call back. Or you can click the live chat option.

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