"Recent Update"

Please tell me our company is not the only one that absolutely LOATHES the updated version of Service Titan. I have used this platform for about 8 years, and genuinely knew it like the back of my hand, which made it possible to do my job as well as I...

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Building User Friendly Forms: Key Tips

Collecting complete and accurate paperwork from construction workers is a challenge. Their work is very physically demanding, often with extended hours. The last thing they want to do at the end of a long, hard day, understandably, is administrative ...

Sending invoice reminders

Is there a way to send invoice reminders without having Marketing Pro? We want to send reminders for unpaid invoices, and I called ST and they said we must have marketing pro to do this. Does anyone have a way to do this without marketing pro?

Customer Notifications

We would like to be able to attach our Home Repair & Maintenance Checklist either to the Dispatch Notification or Customer Appointment Reminder. This way customer can see all work we do so if they have other items while technician is onsite we can ta...

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Town hall meeting

Yesterday I was out of the office and missed the Town Hall meeting that I had signed up for. Is there a way to view a recording of it?

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Transferring a deposit payment

Question....we received a payment (deposit) from a client with multiple opportunities. Unfortunately, the person who received this deposit applied it to the incorrect opportunity. How do we apply it to the correct opportunity? is this an available op...

Multiple Smart Fields

We have a PDF form that we use which has 3 lines for the customer name and address. Line 1 is the location name so we use LNLine 2 is for the street address & name so we use LASNBut Line 3 is the City, State and Zip so I do not see a code for that. I...

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