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Anyone have any further suggestions for the questions below? My responses are in italics. 

  1. How can we add finance charges with calculations already figured in to specific customers?
    1. We will need more information on this. Are you asking about adding a Misc. charge to an invoice?

We sometimes give discounts to our customers as a perk. We would like to add a line item or two that will be reflected on the invoice. 1% discount/3% discount and have the discount reflected in the amount due. Right now, we have to add these manually and do the math for each customer separately. Automation would be fantastic here. It should be a drop-down option.

  1. Can late fees be automatically added for past due customers?
    1. Late fees are not automatically added. You will need to create a Misc. Invoice for the Late Fees.

Why can’t we have a line item that is added to the invoice automatically if the invoice is past due date terms?

  1. Can we auto email customers the portal info when a new customer is added to Aspire?
    1. Aspire does not auto email customers for portal invites.

Can this be a takeaway task for the Aspire team to develop?



Hi JN!

Those are 3 great ideas that are currently not possible in Aspire. The best way to get those into Aspire would be to make those suggestions in the enhancement portal in the resource center inside Aspire. Let me know if you have any other questions. 

Calvin Hofman
Product Owner @ Aspire

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Another great suggestion @JN - @Chof22 or @malmbe - thoughts on the feedback from @JN ?