Building 36

Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone is a partner with Building 36/ and if you are integrated with them. How does the integration perform and how do you use it? are you happy with it? is there anything that we should be aware of before ...

Travers by New Contributor II
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Callpoint Contact Center

Hello,Looking for feedback from companies that have used CallPoint Contact Center Solutions. Thank You,Michelle BrownRoto-Rooter of Greenville, SC

michelle54 by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Mass Delete of Chats

Hello, Love the chat feature, but is there a way to do a mass delete of all of the opened chats on the booking screen. We also use the automated text message feature for our members coming up for service, so we have been missing the new clients that ...

j_lino by New Contributor
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Integration from CallTrackingMetrics to ServiceTitan

We are hoping to connect incoming data from CallTrackingMetrics directly into ServiceTitan. We at least want to capture form submissions from the website with the name, number, email, project description, and attribution to Google Ads, Google Organic...

ccbackus by New Contributor
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Connecting service titan to callrail via zapier

Has anyone connected service titan to callrail via zapier? I can't even get past the service titan "secret code" key part to get zapier connected. What are the steps? Connect zapier to to service titan then connect zapier to callrail?Also, I want cal...

JudyOrr by New Contributor
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Adding rules to forms

Could there be a way to incorporate adding a rule to a form that when a specific line item is checked or marked that it can be formatted to trigger a different form to be required?

jboswell by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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