Aspire questions

Anyone have any further suggestions for the questions below? My responses are in italics. How can we add finance charges with calculations already figured in to specific customers? We will need more information on this. Are you asking about adding a ...

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Greensky Integration

New to Greensky... So... how often does GreenSky update payment factors on their side but they don't get updated in ServiceTitan? I have a very upset customer whose loan docs came through with a monthly payment $100 higher than the calculator showed....

JessicaSmith by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Moving equipment to another location

When we imported our information from our previous software to ST, there were a few locations that had more than one equipment listing in 1 location. We need each piece of equipment to be in their own location. Is there a possibility of moving equipm...

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Two new ideas for you all related to sold vs actual hours

I want to be able to receive an alert when we exceed (or when we are close to exceeding) sold hours on a job so we can be proactive vs reactive. Vote Here: COMMUNITY-I-2853 ALSO, it would be great if the color of a job changed on the dispatch board w...

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Resolved! Zapier and Tags

This is a shot in the dark, but I'm trying to create a Zap where the trigger should result in ST applying a tag to the customer page, but in the drop down, instead of seeing a list of our tag types, it's loading multiple instances of the same tags an...

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Beta Chat to Text Widget

I know this is in Beta Mode - but looking for a solution to this issue in the meantime and seeing if others who are using the Chat to Text website widget are also having this issue... The chat widget pops up automatically on our website, on all pages...

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Email Platform

What is everyone using for their email communication with their customers? We currently use Hubspot, for all of our email communication with our customers we have not gone live yet with Service Titan. I'm an Office Manager for an irrigation company t...

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Aspire - Need Help Deleting Appointments

Hello! I'm trying to delete appointments in Aspire, but I cannot find the option to do so. I am the only attendee on the appointment. When I click on the ellipses (...) in the appointment editor window, the drop down menu hides behind the box below i...

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