Customer Survey for Sales Jobs

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We are looking to implement a new feature for our Comfort Advisors/Salespeople to help set them up for success. We plan to send every customer who books a certain business unit/job type to be sent a survey asking a few questions about their current system and their goals for their new system.

In looking into ServiceTitan, I don't believe there are any current features that allow the customer to fill out a form within ServiceTitan other than the review request. I am looking for an integration that may provide this service. Is anyone aware of someone that may offer something like this? Or is there possibly a feature that ServiceTitan has already that I had missed?

If not, I can always send them a Google Forms through a Marketing Pro email, but I'd like to keep the process as streamlined within ServiceTitan as possible.


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There's a couple ways you can accomplish this, depending on the original method of booking. For this post, I'll simply assume you are using ServiceTitan's booking system (i.e. using the Web Scheduling widget).

You could use Zapier to fetch new bookings, and send emails this way. There'd be a 10-15mins delay between the booking time and when that email would be sent, but that sound relatively painless if you know how to play with Zapier

2- If you are using a run of the mill form, you can also intercept the customer's information and send the email. But to be honest this one is rather technical.

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