Technician Reassigned

Being a service company we are constantly adjusting the schedule and reassigning Technicians to booked jobs. There is not a way to notify the craftsman of a job being reassigned to them and we are having to rely on texting them to notify them of the ...

chanc3b by New Contributor
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Customer Survey for Sales Jobs

We are looking to implement a new feature for our Comfort Advisors/Salespeople to help set them up for success. We plan to send every customer who books a certain business unit/job type to be sent a survey asking a few questions about their current s...

ahoff9 by New Contributor
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Heat Map on Website

Hello all you Service Titan geniuses!In the Dashboard tab, at the bottom is a heat map that can be sorted by revenue or job. I would love to be able to integrate that Job heat map onto my website, so customers can see the areas we service. I can't se...

ahcnatal by New Contributor
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Newbie looking for Trello integration.

Hi, all! I'm trying to find a way to configure workflow processes and I've seen some users talking about Trello but I'm not finding it under integrations. Is there something built-in that works the same way? Am I just missing it? Is it not showing up...

What Integrations Are You Using?

Hello Everyone,What integrations are you using with ServiceTitan that are not part of the official ST integration list? Looking to see if we are missing something.

AlexDukhin by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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NetSuites Integration

Hi everyone, this is my first time posting on Community, sure hope I am doing this correctly.Is there a company out there that is using NetSuites (Oracle) as their accounting system and have an integration built.

Jamie0619 by New Contributor
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Fieldpiece wireless tool integration

All of my service technicians use Fieldpiece JobLink tools on all service calls. I would like to see these tools integrate into ServiceTitan to provide our customers with better field reports.

hfannin by New Contributor
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