Associating Multiple Jobs with a Single PO

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I was wondering if anyone knew whether it was possible to associate multiple jobs with a single PO?

Before ServiceTitan we would keep an open PO going for special order products that we didn't finalize/order until it reached a threshold.  We would associate each job to that PO and thus track all the customers waiting for that order.

So far I can't find a way to associate multiple jobs to the same PO.  Is this possible and how does one go about doing it?


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Sorry, Adam_HSSOE, but I don't think this is possible, the job reference is at the order heading level, not at the individual order line level.  To accomplish this on a purchase order, you would have to note the jobs in the memo area, as the job reference exists only once.  If, however, you are using the system's inventory module, you can accomplish this pretty easily.  Each time you add an item to a job, the system increments the "On Hold" quantity.  When looking at the item, when "On Hold" reaches the level at which you wish to order, place the order and the "On Order" quantity will be incremented.  When the material arrives and is received, you can quickly determine to whom you owe it by going to the new Inventory --> Overview --> Items screen and filtering for the item you want.  Click on the item and a transaction list, including the jobs that have the item will be shown.

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