Does anyone send quote requests to vendors for material?


We often send quote requests to our vendors for material, to see which ones provide the best price. Does anyone do this through ST? We just recently started purchasing through ST and wonder if anyone does this through ST. 



New Contributor II

I do not do this through ST directly, but I do it with ST's help. 

I export the pricebook from ST and filters on all active part #'s for that vendor and send them to the vendor for quote once or twice a year. 

If I don't send them the list, I just ask them to send me all relevant parts for our account and then I match them up in Excel with vlookup usually. 

Then I may set the priority or default vendor based on the best cost. 

If you are talking about RFQ on specific purchase orders or projects - no I don't do that but I would use the same principles basically. Export to excel and manually email the vendor. 

You can however, write up your PO in ST then at the top click the download arrow button which will put the PO in Excel which you can of course then send to the vendor. One extra step than you are looking for though. 

Sorry if you knew all of this - not sure how new to ST you are.