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I was wondering if anyone has ran into the issue of when a job has been exported, you can't do a return to that job if something were to happen.  We have ran into multiple issues when we've exported a job, however had a warranty item go bad or customer change their mind on equipment and have to create another invoice to try and process the return which the customer doesn't typically want to see multiple invoices.  It would be great if you were able to still edit PO's, process returns etc even after exported.  I wouldn't think it's to difficult to make adjustments to something exported since we can already change cost after exported.  Any advice would be appreciated!! 


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It would behoove you to also get permission access to be able to edit invoices after they have been exported. Be careful with this, but we have the same issue from time to time where we need to remove items from invoices in order to return them. 

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

You can create a return in the inventory tab and pull up the job, then select the PO you need to create the return on.  It is a couple more clicks to do it that way, but it still works.

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That is awesome thank you so much for the help!!!!  Have a wonderful day.