Inventory effected by Purchase Orders | Inventory Management Solution

New Contributor III

Dear Service Titan Team,
I am writing to provide feedback regarding the Purchase Order feature in Service Titan, specifically in relation to its effect on inventory management for individual warehouse locations.
Recently, we have noticed that when our technicians purchase individual filters directly for a job, the inventory counts for their respective truck inventory locations have been significantly inflated. Upon further investigation, we have discovered that the technicians are not properly logging the parts back into the system after using them, which is resulting in an inaccurate inventory count.
This issue has caused some frustration and confusion among our team, as they are not receiving the necessary filters for their jobs and are struggling to accurately track their inventory counts. It is especially concerning as it can lead to unnecessary and costly purchases, as well as delays in completing jobs.
We appreciate the convenience that the Purchase Order feature offers, but we would like to request that you consider implementing a system that prevents individual purchases from directly impacting warehouse inventory counts. This could be achieved by requiring technicians to log the parts back into the system after use, or by allowing the option to purchase parts for individual jobs without affecting inventory counts. The latter is preferred.
We value the quality of your platform and the support that your team provides, and we hope that you will consider our feedback and work towards a solution that benefits our team and helps to improve inventory management.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Josh V - Warner Service