Problem with Importing Inventory Bulk Adjustments through Excel

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I've recently taken on the task of inventorying our trucks and warehouse. With all the items being counted, I made an adjustment using the import adjustment template. I then added all the items on the list and their respective quantities. Once done, I process the import to realize that some items don't get uploaded to ServiceTitan's adjustment. (Example: 427 items on Excel sheet, but only 295 items on the ServiceTitan adjustment.) 

Now I investigated and noticed most of the items that are not on the list, are items that have 0 quantities on the truck. These items should be on the truck and if the adjustment imported correctly, the items the truck needs would show up under replenishment. Unfortunately that is not the case. Instead, the items that have a 0 quantity, never get a chance to get to replenishment since the get lost during the import.

Has anyone come across this problem before and found any solutions?  


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Are the min/max counts for those items that are currently @ 0 set in your template?

No they’re set to reasonable min/maxes that are spaced out enough. 5-20

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Do all of the items that you uploaded have (Track Inventory) on them. If not, they will not be track on the trucks or be seen on the Replenishment Tab to reorder. 

Yes they are tracked through inventory and on the templates as well. I've tried to upload the excel sheet another time to see if just didn't fully process, but the same problem occurred.