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Okay! This isn't really about Inventory but it has to do with the PO's. So, I have searched high and low to find out what and how this works but I can not find anything. In the Purchase Order screen where you are building your purchase order, in the upper right hand corner there are options to what you can do to the PO. Options being (left to right) 1. Comment 2. Actions 3. Download. My question is related to 1. Comment.

What is this for? 

Is it useful? If so what do you use it for?

Can you @ it to people within you business so they know you have made a comment on the PO?

I was thinking maybe this is used instead of email so you have a paper trail for a lack of words and you only have to look in one section, just Service Titan. Instead of Service Titan, Email, Service Titan, Email. I guess kind of like a chat section. 

So, I export all vendor bills to Intacct. Sometimes I may receive the bill via email prior to our warehouse. So, needless to say it doesn't show received yet. I can't export until received. So, I would (if this is what the section is used for) comment in there....Hey Julie has this been received yet. I need to export can you finish this one up. It needs to be populated and received. Thanks, Nat

That is what I was thinking but I would like to know what it is REALLY for and what other actually us it if they do at all. 

TIA, Natalie


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I use it for notes for myself/others to update that I spoke to the vendor and got a new eta or if something is still backordered.  I like that it flags the PO with the red bubble to know there is something to look at on it.

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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hello @NRamirez07,

I used the comment function of the PO to communicate any irregularity that may cause a question for another user. Most often, this meant something like an item that was received but the part number wasn't a system match and I didn't have the time to make the adjustment yet. I also used it a lot to refer to another PO. For example, we always had multiple open or partially received POs with the same equipment on them due to proactive ordering and sometimes serialized items would be received on a different PO, this was just a convenient way for an alert bubble to be created on a PO that said "Hey, go look at this other PO". When I was filling in for the warehouse manager, this mostly meant leaving a comment for future me to refer to. 


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I found your response to the previous question about the comment bubble.  If I may ask a follow up, where do those comments go after the PO has been received?  I have been using it to make notes when I am following up on PO's that are delayed with notes of the dates and names of people I have spoken to at the vendor or shipping company.  I have never had a reason to go back and look for those notes until today, and I have found that all of those notes do not show when I look the PO in the received status.  This is really detrimental for me since I can't go back and reference those notes now that I need them.  

Are they somewhere that I don't see, are they logged anywhere?  

Thank you,

Trudi Nielson