Service Titan Inventory APP Needs to change: "Available" VS "On Hand"- Why you went negative.

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Good afternoon,

    I am currently using the new inventory app for Service Titan. I wanted to bring this to anyone else's attention who may be having the same issue and not know it. When counting with the App it goes based on amount "on hand". Now to some that might not mean much, however if you have any charge out stations for trucks or use inventory locations like your warehouse when adding materials to jobs, those are these items. 

    We here do not keep inventory on Install HVAC trucks for instance. They techs come and get all their equipment and parts either night before or morning of install. That being the case we take the inventory directly out of warehouse and add to the job. Those items are "on Hold" meaning not physically in my warehouse but still a part of inventory till that job closes out.

     So, I saw one of my Thermostats said 0. Went and test it on Service Titan Inventory APP. I see 12, right next to my desk. Simple. Submit, review. notice it only would add 8 to my inventory not 12. (must have missed it on an invoice in the past) Because I had 4 that went out on installs this morning. 

     "If I have to count what I cannot see, can I count?" 

     So, test 2. Leaf guards. It is common enough and happened to be out today. Simple. Go in and count, submit, review. It wants to minus 8 from my inventory (yes, I would go negative) because its counting what is in the Trucks boxes for the guys to pick up when they get a chance. 

  Last test. Ask a guy in the field to do his truck inventory. Test 2 items turbo 200's and transformers. Simple. Comes back. He said 3. He had 4 in charge out/trucks stock at the shop waiting for him. it tried to minus those 4 and would make him negative 1.    

Am I the only one who does inventory and thinks this is just silly? Unless you are the sole person handing out every item. Or Admin with the ability to see On Hold" vs available" numbers. Then you will always have to count at the shop, with no jobs, transfers or future jobs (which can happen depending on how your job is set up). I am in the process of fixing some counts I did not seeing this the first time. 

     I have voiced this to my ST rep, and maybe someone else experiences the same thing.  If anyone has a work around or anything I might be missing, please let me know. Beyond not doing charge out stations, or runners, or making installers add materials from their own truck (which is unnecessary step I feel adding a transfer every job then add material off truck?) 

     Well now I am going to fix a few smaller counts I missed doing it this way. If you, or anyone gets to save time and money by reading this, this post was worth it. 

Thank you

Robert Long -Donovan HVAC 
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Many of us are less than thrilled at this implementation. Be sure to vote on idea to fix it to be more common sense and useful!