Suggestion: Stop making the warehouse default to the truck

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As the subject states, I'd like to suggest that Service Titan STOP allowing the warehouse to change when assigning labor to jobs. As part of our production planning, I assign serialized inventory ahead of time to scheduled jobs. Often times, labor has not been assigned yet. This becomes problematic because as soon as labor is assigned, the equipment that is on that job's invoice is defaulted to the assigned technician's truck, and the system throws an error. It also throws off the on-hold quantities in the warehouse.


It requires a tremendous amount of manual labor to fix once labor has been assigned to the jobs. You must go back into each line item on the invoice, and change it back to the appropriate warehouse AND select the serial number again.


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I recommend sharing this post in Ideas! Then other ST users who are experiencing this as well can vote for it and the developers may see it more easily. I would vote for this suggestion. 🙂

Khiana Klatt
CSR ServicePlus Heating and Cooling