Transfer Type Meaning(Replenishment, Standard, Requisition, Bin Transfer & Consignment Bin Transfer)

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Sharing my chat history for future reference! I wanted to know what each Transfer Type in Inventory Set-Up meant to know how to use it.

There isn't a document that goes through each; however, this is what my customer support person stated:

A transfer allows us to move inventory from one place to another. This can be truck to truck, truck to warehouse, warehouse to truck or warehouse to warehouse.

The most common type of transfer is a replenishment transfer. This allows a company to replenish a truck directly from the warehouse rather than ordering a new PO for it’s replenishment.

A Bin Transfer transaction moves items between bins within a warehouse

A Standard Transfer transaction can be any transfer; truck to truck, truck to warehouse, warehouse to truck or warehouse to warehouse.

A Requisitions transfer is when a facility creates a requisition to be sourced from a warehouse cost center.

A requisition transfer is a request for goods or services made by an employee to the person or department in a company that is responsible for purchasing.

Now, for Consignment Bin Transfer I do know that with consignment, the supplier (consigner) hands over their inventory but doesn’t transfer ownership or make any money until the retailer (your company) sells that inventory to your customers.

Knowing that, I would assume this transfer type is used in a scenario like that.

If you are interested in discussing workflows for each, connect with your Success Manager to go through that with you; and tailor them to your business needs.

Also, as of 3/21/2024 these can only be deactivated on the back end and we aren't able to do this directly in Service Titan.