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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Schedule Assistant is out now with the ST-59 Release! 

Reduce Drive Time

  • Maximize technician schedules to spend less time driving and more time building customer relationships and generating revenue.

Save Time Scheduling

  • Take the guesswork out of scheduling with recommendations for the best day, time, and technician for the job, so any CSR or Dispatcher can maximize productivity in the field.

Get More Jobs Done Every Day

  • Get more jobs done in less time by optimizing technician schedules based on their skills, availability, and drive time.

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I want to build a daily reminder ping to be like, "If in doubt, check if your technician has a shift!"
It would save us all so much time. 

New Contributor II

What is the priority for skills?

What scenario would exclude a tech from a job?

1) The Tech would require all skills for a job type with multiple skills.


2) The Tech with one skill matches a job type that list multiple skills.

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I love schedule assistant for when I need a tech to pick up or drop off parts at suppliers. It shows me which tech is closest so we save time and gas money! If you do not have schedule assistant, definitely ask your CSM Team to turn this on for you!

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