Download or Print All Jobs at Once

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We are working with a customer who will need all of the jobs performed at a specific location either printed or downloaded. Support stated that there currently is not a setting where this is possible, and that each job would need to be accessed in order to obtain the information.  

Service Titan could really use an option to select a range of jobs to download and/or print instead of the task of entering each job for this information. Some of this can be pulled from QuickBooks, however the Service Titan invoice page and details are better in this situation.


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Could you go to the "Search" screen, look up "Job" and type in the "Location"? It should pull up every job in the system for that location. Then you could export it to Excel and have all of the info you may need? I did it for my house, and it showed everything from what was done to how much was paid. Just a thought if that is what you are meaning?