Job Costing

We have recently started looking at the job costing and I need advice. For your labor burden, I know the standard items to add but should we include vehicle expenses, truck payments, uniforms and IPads? These are all items that are directly related t...

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Generate summary with ti

It has been great using the enhance with ti option on the office side for invoice summary. In the event that the office staff is on the other line or unavailable to the technician while they are completing job summary is there a way for the technicia...

Job Reports

How can I run a report that shows all open jobs, sorted by project manager?We are still getting our project managers to create Projects for new Jobs. I want to know what each PM's workload is before I meet with them individually. Thank you in advance...

emmabrda by New Contributor
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Location Based Notes

Hi Everyone,We are looking for an effective & efficient way to have a location-specific note placed on a location record that will automatically populate in the job summary. Case use - we have a large HOA community we do a lot of work in that has ver...

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Custom Field Improvement - Save Custom Field Data

In our industry (Irrigation) alot of our appointments are repetitive maintenance. Custom Fields have the potential to be very useful. however. when booking a job, data entered into the custom fields currently DOES NOT SAVE for future jobs.So when we ...

Download or Print All Jobs at Once

We are working with a customer who will need all of the jobs performed at a specific location either printed or downloaded. Support stated that there currently is not a setting where this is possible, and that each job would need to be accessed in or...

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Technician's License on Invoice

Is there a way to show the technician's license number on the invoice? We do not have the customers sign the acknowledgment or authorization paragraphs, so we cannot include them in that portion of our invoicing setup. I appreciate any help you can p...

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Job Timesheets Hour Summary doesn't take Lunch/Breaks into account

I apologize if this has already been discussed but I've noticed it for a while and couldn't find a post related to it. Has anyone else ever noticed the Hours showing on the Timesheets section of the Job page does not take into account any lunches or ...

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Missing Invoice Summary/Task details

How long do your users have to wait for a STOP to be put into place before a service technician can close out a job. Job's should not be able to be closed out with missing Tasks or Invoice Summary. ST keeps saying use forms, triggers, but all they ha...

buzzneil by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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