Scheduling multiple sold estimates

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Does any one else feel its very time consuming when booking multiple sold estimates , that you have to go back and copy and paste the summery in each one and add it to the upcoming invoice summary. there are time we have 8-10 different estimates that the technician has sold and we are trying to book and only the 1st summary transfers over to the invoice 


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@scottf_GBO Yes we have customer that only want to see individual estimates. Most of the time we are able to do it the way you mentioned but a lot of times we are not. just don't see why the summary wouldn't transfer over to the invoice just like the tasks do. 

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@lauren12  is there a reason you would have 8 or more estimates on one job?  With the way estimates are set up, your technician can create 1 estimate that has everything in it, duplicate it, then delete an item or more, then modify the summary.  And so forth.  So instead of doing each thing as a separate estimate, the tech would have multiple estimates with multiple options... Est 1 - items A, B, C, D, E, F, G, & H.  Est 2 -  items A, C, E, F, & G.  And so on.

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Hi @lauren12 are you booking multiple estimates onto one job or are you selling multiple estimates and each estimate is on its own job? 

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We are booking multiple estimates into one job.