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Creating a leader care checklist is a way to hold yourself accountable for your own well-being, and check in with yourself when you have no idea what is going on with yourself! It is a place to create a measure of your health and well-being as well. It is not set in stone, it is not forever, it is always growing, changing, and adapting. 

To generate your Leader care checklist, get clear on your why, and your purpose- and then we will work backward from there. 

If you were to look 5 years down the road and imagine what life would look like from there, as a leader- ask yourself the following questions 
  • What would I be taking care on a daily basis regarding my own well-being (drinking water, eating, going to bed, watching at least 30 min of tv, or listening to music to decompress, or hype yourself up)
  • How would I create balance effortlessly
  • Where would I be expressing joy and love
  • What would I be doing to ground myself in my body
  • How would I be locating areas where I was not present
  • How would I be supporting myself to be in action
  • What would I be doing to be with risk and vulnerability
  • How would I be accessing my personal power
  • How would I be practicing self-acceptance
  • How would I be declaring satisfaction
  • Where would I be reinventing myself
  • How would I be generating my relationship with the unknown and the possibility
  • Where would I be practicing straight communication 
  • How would I be managing my projects
  • How would I be being in relationships
  • How would I be monitoring my integrity
  • What would I be delegating 
  • How would I be creating support
  • Who would I be leading 
Ask yourself these questions, and get present with what does "leader you" do in 5 years to take care of themselves, how do you find balance, stability, joy, excitement, and connection. 
It can be items like I will be managing my projects with software (traction or service titan tasks) and I would have meetings with leaders or coworkers on a weekly basis. **Then, working backward, how can we start this today, so that in 5 years you are already running? 
How would I be declaring satisfaction ** Maybe you are going for monthly wine nights with your friends that you are only talking of celebrations and accomplishments? NO NEGATIVE WORDS. -- How can you start today finding your tribe that wants to take on the challenge of only talking in terms of success? 
It is also important to know what you need to stay present with yourself. and recognize your stress patterns.  Coaches or therapists are so helpful in identifying these patterns. 
For example (real situation) 
I am currently in a difficult situation with my coworkers. (also my immediate family members). My stress cycle has become predictable to me, and I know that I am going to go through it. Instead of fighting my stress cycle and trying to fix things, I allow myself the space to feel all of the feelings, I acknowledge that it is totally normal, and support myself through it 
I will get mad 
I will get sad
I will want to isolate and think of all the reasons why I should move to Mexico and adopt 100 street dogs
and then I will be able to remove my emotion from the situation and try again. 
when I am mad, I need to talk to specific people that I have chosen, to be angry with me. I have a coach- and I started a workout program telling them that I don't want to get healthy, I want to release all my anger through my pull-ups and f*ckn squats. 
When I am sad, I give my boyfriend a heads up, that I am going to be needy and I probably want him to buy me flowers on the way home. I am not going to cook dinner, and I just want to sulk in my own self-pitty. 
When I want to isolate, I just want to sit at the beach and let my brain and thoughts go crazy, I want to throw stones into the ocean and just let my brain quiet down and ponder all of the opportunities to see the situation from a different angle. 
(at no point through my stress cycle am I engaging with the situation at hand -- continuing the conversation is not going to get me anywhere when I am sulking or boiling with anger).
I am learning to push pause, allow me my time, and then when I am in a better place, try again. 
Sometimes this all takes weeks, and sometimes it is just hours. 
I have created a visual for myself of my cycle, and when I am in the middle of looking for flights and houses in Mexico and writing my resignation letter-- I look at the visual and see that I am actually just still angry, and it will pass. 
*emotions are not facts.* 

Written by Ashley Guelvich Coastal Heat Pumps--- GREAT JOB! 👏
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