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Last year we launched Ads Measurement, a new feature in Marketing Pro that gives full transparency in your ads spend. If much of your marketing budget is going to Google Ads, you should know if the ad campaigns you or your agency are running are driving revenue - not just calls or form fills.  By setting up Dynamic Call Tracking (DNI), you can automate attribution and get visibility into the true ROI of your Google Ad campaigns.

What if you could take this data found only in ServiceTitan and share it with Google so that Google Ads had the information it needs to target better?

Now you can with Ads Optimizer - a better way to optimize your Google Ads campaigns for more, high quality leads that turn into sales. By sending revenue and audience signals in real-time back to Google, Ads Optimizer trains Google Ads on what a quality lead looks like. The result is more, higher quality leads, lower cost-per-lead and higher ROI.

Here's a quick overview on how Optimizer works:

Ads Optimizer will be available for purchase starting September 7th  for Marketing Pro - Ads customers.

What makes Ads Optimizer so powerful?

Until today, the only information that you had from the leads brought in through Google Ads was that they called or filled out a form on your website. Google considered these leads a success, because it had no visibility into what happened after that call. Was the lead just price shopping? Was it even in your service area? Was it someone with a 30 year old unit on the hottest day of the year? Did that lead turn into an excused call or a $12K sale?

Today, Ads Optimizer can send customer revenue and job data back to Google so that its machine learning algorithms can learn how to target high quality leads and not waste money on the others. 

Get more, higher quality leads

Ads Optimizer imports revenue from jobs booked back into Google and assigns it to the proper click that generated the initial phone call lead. It also sends back audience data, so that Google can target look-alike  audiences. By optimizing for return on ad spend, contractors can scale their digital ad operations and generate more quality  leads with higher average order value.

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Lower your cost per lead

Ads Optimizer connects the dots in your customer journey. By sending critical signals back to Google in real-time, we enable Google Ads to maximize the performance potential of your campaigns. Get alerts whenever you are approaching capacity, so that your ad dollars are not wasted on leads that you cannot convert. If you need to fill your job boards, get notified to increase spend on campaigns that are optimized for revenue.

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Optimization made easy, no matter what size of business

If you’re a large company with a lot of numbers, including Call Extensions, Ads Optimizer helps you assign the right numbers to the right campaigns in ServiceTitan and  Google. And if you are just getting started with Google Ads, Optimizer can put your campaigns on autopilot to ensure maximum ROI is achieved. 


Is there a cost to using Ads Optimizer?

Once you turn on Optimizer through a toggle on the Optimizer page, you will be billed monthly for total usage at a rate of $5.25 per qualified lead. A “Qualified Lead” is a conversion that can be attributed to an ad campaign (e.g., a phone call longer than 60 seconds, an online booking, online lead form, chat widget). 

Marketing Pro also offers a Prepay option where you can save up to 30% off each qualified lead by pre-purchasing a quantity of leads for the year and getting billed monthly. Contact a Pro Account Manager to include this in your plan.

Get started

  1. To begin using Optimizer, you must be on a new Marketing Pro - Ads package that includes both Ads Measurement and Ads Optimizer. Request a demo so a Pro Account Manager can get you set up on the right package.
  2. Next, Ads Measurement must be fully set up. Check out this guide or watch this webinar which walks through how to set it up so you can begin automating attribution of your active campaigns.
  3. Lastly, visit Marketing>>Campaigns>>Ads Optimizer and click "Enable Ads Optimizer" button. You can turn this on or off on your own.


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