ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

A guide for setting up automated, reliable, ads attribution to your CRM through ServiceTitan Marketing Pro

This guide is for  all Marketing Pro customers with Ads Measurement included in their package, Check out the resources for easy step-by-step instructions that once completed, will allow you to uncover wasted ad spend and allow you to use Ads Optimizer.

Connect your Google Ads Account

Connect your Google Analytics Account

Set up Dynamic Call Tracking

Integrate Lead Forms on your website (if you have them)

NOTE: As of November, 2023 , this has been added to the set up-process as a requirement to complete before you are able to access Ads campaign performance.

Set up Call Extensions (if you use them in Google Ads)


Configure Marketing Ads Settings

Ads Optimizer 

Once set up of Ads Measurement is completed, you can choose to enable Ads Optimizer

Other Resources

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