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 What's New in Marketing Pro

Several new features are rolling out now for Marketing Pro customers with Reputation and Ads. Be sure to watch the video updates below to learn what's new.


Watch the video update for Reputation here.

Reviews by Technician report added to Reports section - With the new Reviews by Technician report in the Reports section, you can generate and download reports of your customer's online reviews by technician. You can use this information to monitor which of your technicians generate the most reviews and the average rating of each technician's reviews.

Onboarding wizard now available for Marketing Pro Reputation - Onboarding Marketing Pro Reputation was a time-consuming and highly manual process requiring guidance from ServiceTitan. Now, the new onboarding wizard guides you step-by-step through the onboarding process. You can activate and start using the product without any assistance.

New fields added to manage business listings in Marketing Pro Reputation - You can now manage the Location Status, Website, Hours of Operation, Service Area, Business Description, Google Attributes, Email, Brands, and Languages for your business listing in ServiceTitan. With these new fields, you can ensure your customers have accurate information and optimize your listings for local search.


Watch the video update for Ads here.

 Keyword column added to Performance Table in Ads Measurement - You can now view performance data segmented by Keyword in Ads Measurement. This helps you to make marketing optimization decisions at a more granular level.

Additional conversion actions are now sent to Google Ads - Before, only Lead call conversions were sent to Google Ads. Now, the following customer journey steps are also sent to Google Ads:
All inbound calls
Web form submissions
Booking submissions
Booked job events
This helps you improve ad performance through more granular funnel data in ServiceTitan.

Explore and purchase Ads Optimizer at your convenience - If you already have Marketing Pro and are interested in upgrading to Ads Optimizer, you can now assess its benefits and purchase it directly within ServiceTitan. Additionally, you can use Ads Optimizer without committing annually. You can turn it on and off at any time you choose. This allows you to make informed decisions in your own time and at your own pace, removing the need to reach out to your sales representative. Watch video.

Coming Soon  - You will soon be able to edit live campaigns in Marketing Pro! 

[Recording] Workshop: SMS for Unsold Estimates Follow Ups

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In case you missed it, you can watch the full recording of the latest Marketing Pro Workshop: SMS for Unsold Estimates Follow Ups. Join Product Managers Ara Sarkisyan and Alex Attarian as they work with you on setting up an automated follow up campaign. You will also learn the difference between Transactional SMS and SMS Marketing and get tips on how to craft your email accordingly.

[HOT TOPIC] Call Classifications

Be sure to check out the Marketing Pro Facebook Group and join the conversation about call classifications! Get some tips and great insights on what other Marketing Pro users  are doing to make sure their calls are correctly classified. Why is this important?

1. Make smart business decisions

" many important business decisions can be made based on REAL DATA from correct call classification, ex: too many "no availability" call reasons = hire more techs or adjust the schedule. Then, combine these correctly classified call reasons with canceled job reasons, and BOOM, you have your lost opportunities and can identify where to improve operations overall. I work with our CSRs to ensure they have an understanding of these "whys" so they know how important they are to the company and feel empowered to choose the right classification vs. not caring or hiding behind excused call reasons." - Ilene Hackett, Roto-Rooter

2. Monitor lead quality and stop wasting money spam

"Pro Tip: look at call reasons for EACH campaign. For example, I’ve seen accounts where they have a solid call booking rate, but one particular channel is excusing more than half of the calls as Spam or Hang Up.
The best place to do this is the Lead Quality Metrics section at the bottom of the Marketing tab dashboard (you only see this if you have Marketing Pro Ads). Filter the page by particular sources and see why that source is having so many excused calls and the reason for that call. I saw someone spending $150 per call on PPC and more than half of those calls were excused as not a lead. They were spending thousands of dollars a month on spam." - Johnny Wenzel, Product Manager, Marketing Pro

Welcome New Members with a Postcard

Turn your customer into  a repeat customer by converting them into members and welcoming them with a postcard. The Marketing Pro Direct Mail Template gallery has a ton of 4x6 and 6x9 postcard templates that you can easily set up to create automated or one-time campaigns that help you stand out.


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[Webinar] Leap into Leads: Reputation Best Practices for Local Search Optimization - February 29 at ...


 Join us on February 29 for an exclusive live webinar with Derek Browers, Principal Product Manager at ServiceTitan as he unveils key strategies to dominate local search rankings. Discover how to harness the power of listings management and reviews to attract new customers. Register Now!

Marketing Summit: New Orleans - March 27-28, 2024

The Marketing in the Trades Summit is a great opportunity to connect with other professionals in the industry and learn marketing in the trades together. Don't miss out on the chance to take your marketing to the next level.  Register Today!
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